Safest and Easiest way to prevent unwanted puppies!!

Values and Ethics
We advocate for the wellbeing and welfare of all dogs worldwide. Regardless if they are beloved pets having homes
or homeless dogs that need shelter.
Our aim is to promote the DogSpiral IUD for dogs that is a revolutionary solution developed in order to have a non invasive way of contraception for bitches. The endocrine system stays intact and the dog is able to have a normal, natural and sexual life.
The IUD can stay in the uterus for up to ten years.
It is a reversible procedure and an alternative to spaying without its negative permenant side effects.

“It is the responsibility of veterinarians to use their best medical judgment (on the basis of each animal’s ownership, breed, sex, age and health status ) to weigh the potential risks for gonadectomy. Short & Long term consequnces of spaying must be explained with pet owners and highlight the fact that they are irreversible”

It is important that dogs are given their right to be able to express their natural behaviors. If dogs are not able to express natural behavior, they will have physiological & pathological sufferings.

Although these behaviors might seem simple and pointless to us, they are very important for dogs to live.

How Dog Spiral IUD make the difference ?!

Patent IUD
Specially designed for dogs
3 sizes available
suitable for all dogs
The first dog in middle east with an IUD !!!


Rose , is medium size dog 8KG . She had her IUD first time when she was around 3 years old.
The precedure took no more than 20 minutes including the examination processes.

Her veterinarian from Cairo,Egypt had her IUD on 22 January 2022.

She enjoyed her normal life and diet. And she was inspected by the vet every few weeks. Later on when she got in heat (estrus) she was mated as seen in the picture beside on 4 September 2022.

After 33 days she went for her veterinarian to check pregnancy with Ultrasound, which suprisingly she didnt get. !!

We operate from Slovenia , Egypt and Emirates

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