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How DogSpiral IUD (intra uterine device) works

Dogspiral IUD: is a reversible non-invasive way of preventing unwished pregnancy and controlling it.
It is a mechanical contraception, same as what humans have been using since the 70’s. It acts in two ways: presence of spiral (as foreign body in uterus), and coppers’ electrochemical activity on sperms. Being a foreign object in uterus, the spiral causes moderate aseptic inflammation what increases the number of neutrophils which phagocyte sperms. That’s it.

Being under moderate aseptic inflammation, the uterine wall becomes thinner and merge of the embryo to the uterine wall is not possible. Literature also notes an increase in the level of hormone prostaghlandin. It is known that heavy metals act spermicidal, especially copper. This copper metal acts as spermicidal, virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal. Copper IUD are very reactive because of easily released electrons (Cu+ and Cu++) which, as positive ions are attracted to negatively charged sperm, interfere in their movement and kill them. It was proved that electrochemical activity of copper lasts a minimun of 8 years, and a similar contraceptive agent in human use leaves 8 – 12 years. Same experience is used in this spiral.

Preparing the dog patient here is easy. All what is needed is to relax and calm the dog. It is a few minute operation.

The procedure is done with small doses of sedatives and anesthetics if aggresive. A female dog fixed to the table in the dorsal recumbency . It begins with shaving hair around the genitalia then normal cleaning and using suitable antispectics. Then insertion of DogSpiral IUD into vagina crossing the cervix (easier in esturs & proestrus) and placing the IUD in the uterine body.
The cutting the excess thread to ensure that the dog cant pull it out.

The dog does not feel pain or problem during the process. And immediately after finishing the process succesfuly can enjoy normal life without a drop of blood or any of the post operative concerns of spaying.

watch the video …

Which dogs are suitable for IUD and when ?!

all female dogs can have IUDs as long as everything else is aligned and normal.
The DogSpiral IUD has 3 sizes to suit dog breed.
What is important is choosing the appropriate size.

small size: for dogs under 5kg
medium size:
for dogs from 5kg to 15kg
large size
: for dogs above 15kg+

Considerations and Case history

We recommend sizing according dog weight. Also, because every dog is different, you may need indivdual attention for the following before, during and after insertion (not limited to):

* Ask for the last heat time. Ask for last pregnacy and whelping. Undertand well how to plan and setup a follow up scheme with dogs having IUD. Recommend a follow up after month of insertion. A second one before or during heat. A third check up is preferred after 30 days if mating is reported.
* Consider that unmated dogs will have usually smaller uterus and tighter reproductive tracts if compared to multiparous dogs.
* Does the dog have normal genital/reproductive organs from anatomical point of view. You make face an imperforated hymen. If yes, you need to carefully understand that it needs perforation before inserting IUD. (subjected to individual cases).
* What is the estrus stage ? (anestrus, proesturs, estrus, diestrus) according to such, there might be differences due to hormonal variances. Observe size, texture, viscosity, tenderness of the reproductive tract & organs. In proestrus & estrus are the easiest.


Do not use or recommend DogSpiral IUD for the following:-

* DogSpiral IUD must be used only in dorsal recumbency position.
* Never use IUD during pregnancy or suspected pregnancy.
* Do not use for immature dogs, have not reached sexually maturity.
* Not suitable to prevent dogs from sexually transmitted diseases.
* Do not use for exhausted dog or chronically sick. Basic health status supervision and case history are crucial.
* If noticed any allergic reactions to IUD , remove it. Its easy.

Watch how sperms react with DogSpiral IUD !!

DogSpiral benefit compared to other solutions …


Keep dog living naturally. Avoid surgery complications and risk of hormonal troubles.


Free from additional costs that doesnt benifit any one. Such as cost of travel to remove a bandage or take after care medicine.


Everything as usual. Same diet, excersice, swimming and all fun.


who knows, may be in the future you might wish for puppies. Or your dog finds a lovely caring parent

Animal welfare

Animals and human use the same IUD to control pregnancy !